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What We Offer

Brian and Vanessa are able to support you with a range of seminars and events. The main emphasis of our ministry is to joyfully encourage and inspire men and women to believe and reach out for their destiny in God, to keep themselves in His love and to stand strong in His grace.

How we pursue our calling:

  • Networking and building mutual relationships of trust with key leaders across the streams and denominations both in the UK and Overseas.

  • Mentoring leaders, worship teams and worship leaders

  • Speaking and leading worship at meetings and conferences

  • Leading and encouraging aggressive prophetic praise and intimate worship that releases spiritual breakthrough in people’s lives, shifting the atmosphere over nations, regions and churches to advance the Kingdom of God

  • Facilitating and supporting regular prayer and worship meetings

  • Residential and interactive daytime and evening seminars

  • By publishing books, bulletins, articles, CDs and live streaming of music

  • Supporting and encouraging church planting in the UK, Europe, Uganda, Paraguay, China and Tibet

Ministry Booking Form

We will aim to keep your data safe and secure by processing your information to meet the latest data protection regulation. We will not pass on your details to any third parties. You will be able to change your mind at anytime by contacting us at

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