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Che Roga Orphanage

'Che Roga’ is Guaranie for ‘My House’.  The orphanage is based in Encarnacion in Paraguay.  Liberation Ministries through the generosity of its partners has raised well over £750,000 during the last 16 years.

Many miracles of transformation have taken place in the children’s lives over those years.  Well over 500 children have passed through the orphanage and have gone out into the world to become productive citizens of Paraguay.



Maria Silvera Castrillon started the orphanage in 1989 when she discovered a little two and a half year old girl fending for herself on the streets of Encarnacion, Paraguay. Over the intervening years the 'Che Roga' has cared for over 800 children; many have now left the orphanage to play a useful role in society in all kinds of professions. Sylvana (who has a degree in child psychology) is also part of the leadership.

Past Projects

This accommodation block which can house 50 children plus another accommodation block for staff was purchased by a Liberation Ministry Partner. 

Support Che Roga

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Become a Godparent

You can support a child on a regular basis, providing for their care, schooling, clothes and health from as little as £40 per month. These children are looking for Godparents who will take a personal interest in them.

A mini bus given through the generosity of one of our partners.

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