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About Us

Brian and Vanessa are an apostolic/prophetic husband and wife team, called to the nations to challenge, inspire and strengthen the churches to reach out for their destiny.  They  were married in 1993 and have a daughter Anna who is 21.  They launched Liberation Ministries in October 1999.

Brian has been spearheading church planting for over twenty years in the UK.  He has personally planted eight churches and has served as Evangelistic Director and District and Regional Superintendents with the Elim Pentecostal Church denomination.  He was Regional Superintendent of Kensington Temple, London City Church from 1992-1999 and during his tenure saw over 100 churches planted in London.  

He is a lively, powerful and anointed speaker who ministers in the prophetic and has spoken in conferences in UK, Europe, Africa, USA, South America, The Arab Emirates and Australia.  Brian is a father to the fathers and his heart is to see the grace, love and abundance of God demonstrated and to see men and women released into their full potential in Christ.  

He has authored five books with others in the pipeline.  His Church Planting book has also been published in Bulgarian and French.

IIn 1992 Vanessa (alongside her friend Rev Soke Mun Ho) planted Wembley Christian Centre under the umbrella of the London City Church, which subsequently birthed two more churches in London.  Vanessa is a gifted preacher with an anointing to challenge and encourage people to move into their destiny in God.  She is an accomplished musician and worship leader and has led worship in conferences in the UK, Africa, Latin America, Europe and The Arab Emirates.  She has a vision to lead congregations in aggressive prophetic praise to create spiritual breakthrough and also into depths of intimacy in worship.   She has a strong desire to see women released into their calling in the Body of Christ.  

Vanessa was ordained as an Elim Minister in 2001 and has released three CD’s ‘The Dance’, ‘Breakout’ and 'Encounter'. She has published her first book ‘the Warrior Bride’.  

Our Values
  • Strong relationships of mutual trust and transparency.

  • Believe in people more than they believe in themselves.

  • Be role models of grace and abundance as a husband and wife team.

  • Accountability to Elim, Partners and the local churches in which we minister.

  • Be servants to the churches in which we minister.

  • Total dependence on the grace of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

  • Be catalysts for revival.

  • To be bridge builders between churches and other ministries.

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